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[ババソイヤー] 雷ムギ畑でつかまえてんこ
Book titles and artists
  • Catch Her in the Rye-tning (Yokochou)
  • [ババソイヤー] 雷ムギ畑でつかまえてんこ
  • 雷ムギ畑でつかまえてんこ1
Danbooru description

Japanese title: 雷ムギ畑でつかまえてんこ
Puns on the Japanese title for Catcher in the Rye; it substitutes the kanji for "thunder", pronounced "rai" here, for "rye", and appends Tenshi's fan nickname of Tenko to the verb "tsukamaete" ("catch").

Pixiv description (Japanese) 「あーの子達ホーントなーか良くてよぉー?」って船田のおばちゃん(天人)も言ってた。    次→illust/7920629
[ババソイヤー] 雷ムギ畑でつかまえてんこ
JapaneseEH9 pages
Touhou - Catch Her in the Rye-tning (Yokochou)
JapaneseDanbooru5 pages5 comments
JapanesePixiv1 page