Touhou Doujinshi Index


About this site

This site provides a searchable database of links to translations of non-explicit Touhou doujinshi. Here, doujinshi refers to self-published manga, magazines, and fan-works (though this term often colloquially refers to explicit fan-works).

You can find the source code for this project on GitHub. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know in the Sanae's Bread Discord server.

Data sources

Hosts uploads of raws and translations of both explicit and non-explicit doujinshi, magazines, and image sets.
Danbooru (NSFW)
A tag-based image board for both explicit and non-explicit images. Uploaded images have quality and tagging requirements. Has a note system that lets users add English translations on top of images.
Dynasty Scans
Hosts English translations of yuri manga and doujinshi. Has a lot of Touhou content due to the gender composition of Touhou characters.
Hosts translations of predominantly non-explicit manga and doujinshi.
A now defunct site that served as a database containing information about doujinshi such as release dates, circles, and authors. An archive of its data excluding images is accessible here.
An inactive site that hosts Chinese translations of Touhou doujinshi and manga. Associated with
Japanese sites where many doujinshi and anime products can be purchased.
A Japanese site where artists upload their works. Only a limited subset of Pixiv entries are indexed on this site.


These graphs are updated automatically on a daily basis and only include data pertaining to non-explicit Touhou works.

Number of translated works over time

Only the main languages are shown in this graph. This site predominantly pulls data from English sources which means this graph is biased towards English translations and is not representative of the Touhou translation space as a whole.

Number of uploads on websites over time

On Dynasty Scans, works go by a translation's release date, not its upload date. The release date refers to when a translation was first published and accessible, which may include sites outside of Dynasty Scans.

Only a subset of Pixiv entries are indexed on this site which means the Pixiv upload count is inaccurate.

Common page counts in works

Only works with a page count of 100 or less are included in this histogram.

Character appearances over time

Only characters with more than 500 appearances are shown. This graph is based on the presence of character tags on works, which may bias sites such as Dynasty Scans and Danbooru that tend to have more character tags. Character tags from metadata sites such as are included.