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(C75) [Mizutataki (Mizutaki)] Shinanai
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  • (C75) [Mizutataki (Mizutaki)] Shinanai
  • (C75) [Mizutataki (Mizutaki)] Shinanai | Undying
  • (C75) [みずたたき (水炊き)] シナナイ
  • Undying
  • シナナイ
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Touhou - Yagokoro Syndrome
Touhou - Time of the full moon
Touhou - Undying

The story is related and continual from Touhou - Time of the full moon. After Kaguya and Eirin has built Eintei and settle down. Kaguya decide to take a walk. Someone attack her suddenly. Yes Kaguya is immortal, there is no way she will die. But is it really that simple?

I believe the attacker name isn't mentioned.
Her name is Fujiwara Mokou. She is Kaguya's bitter enemies

EnglishMangaDex38 pages
(C75) [Mizutataki (Mizutaki)] Shinanai | Undying (Touhou Project) [English] [Gaku-Touhou]
EnglishEH38 pages
(C75) [Mizutataki (Mizutaki)] Shinanai (Touhou Project)
JapaneseEH39 pages