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(C75) [Dr.VERMILION (Petenshi)] Meifu Yukemuri Rouman Kikou
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  • (C75) [Dr.VERMILION (Petenshi)] Meifu Yukemuri Rouman Kikou
  • (C75) [Dr.VERMILION (Petenshi)] Meifu Yukemuri Rouman Kikou | 저승 수증기 낭만 기행
  • (C75) [Dr.VERMILION (ペテン師)] 冥府湯煙浪漫紀行
  • Meifu Yukemuri Roman Kikou
  • 冥府汤烟浪漫纪行
  • 冥府湯煙浪漫紀行
Artists comments 制作が間に合わず、上記の発行日には、実際には発行されなかった。\r\n作者自身が、サイトでデータを無償配布していたが、現在はリンク切れ。2009年1月8日の日記参照。\r\nThis book was due to distribute at C75 but it was not because the author did not meet a deadline.\r\nSo the author uploads this book on his website but the link is dead for now. See diary on 2009-01-08.
Meifu Yukemuri Roman Kikou
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(C75) [Dr.VERMILION (Petenshi)] Meifu Yukemuri Rouman Kikou (Touhou Project)
JapaneseEH10 pages
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