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(C84) [ANGELTYPE (Nejikirio)] Hebereke Koumakan.
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  • (C84) [ANGELTYPE (Nejikirio)] Hebereke Koumakan.
  • (C84) [ANGELTYPE (Nejikirio)] Hebereke Koumakan. | La Ebria Mansión del Demonio Escarlata
  • (C84) [ANGELTYPE (ネジキリオ)] へべれけこうまかん。
  • (C84) [Angeltype (Nejikirio)] Hebereke Koumakan. | Drunk SDM
  • Drunk SDM
  • Drunk Scarlet Devil Mansion
  • Hebereke Koumakan.
  • へべれけこうまかん。
MangaDex description (English)

From Gaku Gaku Animal Land:

It's summer in Gensokyo, and what better activity that to put up a beer garden at the SDM, get super drunk, and forget any feeling of shame and propriety?

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(C84) [Angeltype (Nejikirio)] Hebereke Koumakan. | Drunk SDM (Touhou Project) [English] [Goku Goku Animal Land]
EnglishEH15 pages
(C84) [ANGELTYPE (Nejikirio)] Hebereke Koumakan. (Touhou Project)
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