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(Kouroumu 6) [poprication (Beni Shake)] Stargazer - Zenpen
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  • (Kouroumu 6) [poprication (Beni Shake)] Stargazer - Zenpen
  • (紅楼夢6) [poprication (べにしゃけ)] スターゲイザー 前編
  • Like A Star
  • Like a Star ch2.5
  • Touhou dj - Stardust
  • Touhou dj - Stargazer
  • Touhou dj - like a star.
  • スターゲイザー 前編
MangaDex description (English)

Mostly about how Reimu and Marisa met each other, as you can probably guess. ReiMari seems to be this person’s most favorite pairing.

スターゲイザー 前編
Metadatadoujinshi.org52 pages
EnglishMangaDex52 pages
EnglishDynasty Scans52 pages
(Kouroumu 6) [poprication (Beni Shake)] Stargazer - Zenpen (Touhou Project) [English] {Gaku Gaku Animal Land}
EnglishEH52 pages