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[poprication (Beni Shake)] like a star
Book titles and artists
  • Like A Star
  • Like a Star ch01
  • Touhou dj - Stardust
  • Touhou dj - Stargazer
  • Touhou dj - like a star.
  • [poprication (Beni Shake)] like a star
  • [poprication (Beni Shake)] like a star | Como una estrella
  • [poprication (べにしゃけ)] like a star
  • like a star,
MangaDex description (English)

Mostly about how Reimu and Marisa met each other, as you can probably guess. ReiMari seems to be this person’s most favorite pairing.

like a star,
Metadatadoujinshi.org36 pages
EnglishMangaDex35 pages
[poprication (Beni Shake)] like a star (Touhou Project) [English] {kamyu}
EnglishEH35 pages
EnglishDynasty Scans35 pages
SpanishEH34 pages