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(C68) [Hirouguma (Ayami Chiha)] Shishiki Gentou
Book titles and artists
  • (C68) [Hirouguma (Ayami Chiha)] Shishiki Gentou
  • (C68) [疲労熊 (綾見ちは)] 紫式幻灯
  • Phantom Light
  • Shishiki Gentou
  • 紫式幻灯
MangaDex description (English)

From Gaku Gaku Animal Land:

Chen and Tewi are both concerned that they don't have enough connection with their masters. Chen seeks out Ran and has a confrontation with Tewi. End story is of Ran talking with Sakuya about their masters.

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(C68) [Hirouguma (Ayami Chiha)] Shishiki Gentou (Touhou Project)
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