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(C82) [Hyper Summer Wars (Bomber Grape)] Jakegai
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  • (C82) [Hyper Summer Wars (Bomber Grape)] Cover-Buy
  • (C82) [Hyper Summer Wars (Bomber Grape)] Jakegai
  • (C82) [Hyper Summer Wars (Bomber Grape)] Jakegai | Cover-Buy
  • (C82) [ハイパーサマーウォーズ (ボンバーグレープ)] ジャケガイ
  • Cover-Buy
  • Cover-Buy (Bomber Grape)
  • Cover-buy
  • Jakegai
  • Touhou dj - Cover-buy
  • ジャケガイ
Danbooru description

Japanese title: ジャケガイ
See pool #4839 for previous publication of some pages.

See the translation note on the front cover image for explanation of the title. It continues the pattern of a "--- Gai" title for his circle's fanzines, the other two so far being "Tough Guy" and "Imogai" ("Cone Shell").

The "Hyper Summer Wars" text on the cover is the name of Bomber Grape's doujinshi circle, not an actual part of the title.

MangaDex description (English)

What if I Told You, touhou girls are looking up to tying the knot in Gensokyo.

Kanako is there to help. Not everything goes according to the plan. there is someone who is trying stop it. Are you still going to join the battle royale?

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(C82) [Hyper Summer Wars (Bomber Grape)] Jakegai (Touhou Project) [Chinese] [K島個人]
ChineseEH30 pages
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(C82) [Hyper Summer Wars (Bomber Grape)] Cover-Buy (Touhou Project) (ENG)
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Touhou - Cover-Buy (Bomber Grape)
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(C82) [Hyper Summer Wars (Bomber Grape)] Jakegai (Touhou Project)
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(C82) [Hyper Summer Wars (Bomber Grape)] Jakegai | Cover-Buy (Touhou Project) [Spanish] {Paty Scans}
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