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  • Eternity/Akizakura
  • Seasonal Dream Vision
  • Touhou Shikoubana
  • Touhou dj - A Night of Ten Thousand Flowers
  • Touhou dj - Clover and Promise
  • Touhou dj - Eastern Azalea in May ~Nightingale~
  • Touhou dj - Eternity / Akizakura - cosmos bipinnatus
  • Touhou dj - Evening Primrose - Free Heart
  • Touhou dj - How to Grow a Blue Rose
  • Touhou dj - Mountain Green, Blossom Blown
  • Touhou dj - Sakuramochi
  • Touhou dj - Sakura~ I Wish~
  • Touhou dj - Scarlet Anemone
  • Touhou dj - Seeing Cherry Blossom in mid Autumn
  • Touhou dj - Snowdrop ~Winter's Gift~
  • 幾千幾万一夜華
  • 秋の中に桜を見る
  • 青い薔薇の育て方
MangaDex description (English)

Seasonal Dream Vision is a semi-official Touhou fanbook.
(東方紫香花, literally Touhou Shikouhana, meaning Incense of Violet Flowers)

It is quite similar to Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, as it features comics, a music CD, and a story by ZUN, all about Gensokyo.
It ranges from drama to comedy, all focused on the strange world Touhou takes place in.


  • pg.004: Sakura~ I Wish~
  • pg.012: Clover and Promise
  • pg.024: Eastern Azalea in May ~Nightingale~
  • pg.040: How to Grow a Blue Rose
  • pg.048: Evening Primrose - Free Heart
  • pg.070: Snowdrop ~Winter's Gift~
  • pg.084: Sakuramochi
  • pg.102: Scarlet Anemone
  • pg.109: A Night of Ten Thousand Flowers
  • pg.117: Mountain Green, Blossom Blown
  • pg.127: Eternity / Akizakura - cosmos bipinnatus
  • pg.135: Seeing Cherry Blossom in mid Autumn


  • pg.171: A Beautiful Flower Blooming Violet Every Sixty Years, written by ZUN
    This Chapter 13, containing only text, is available here
EnglishMangaDex9 pages
Eternity/Akizakura [ENG] (Touhou)
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